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The Most Affected Countries by Deforestation by Tree Removal Murfreesboro TN

In many cases, tree removal Murfreesboro TN  becomes a requirement. But somehow, you may have to remove trees for your personal need more than your professional need. Deforestation comes after that. Many companies provide tree removal services, but none of them will support deforestation because we all know very well that we have to live among many trees to live a green life in the green world. Without trees, there will be no humans or animals on the earth.

The Most Affected Countries by Deforestation

Deforestation does not happen in all the places of the world. Only the tropical areas where different types of rainforests may be wet or hot. The trees are here, which will lose their leaves in the dry season. It gradually turns into woodland after that. Still, some areas have been successful in preventing deforestation. But it is not the same for all the regions.

Since 1990, 6 million hectares of forest have turned into agricultural land in the tropical zone. It is a statistic given by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization). The figures may change according to the change of the situation. Now we will discuss the effects of deforestation in the 3 most crucial areas around the world:


  • Amazon rainforest
  • Indonesia and Borneo
  • Africa.


Amazon Rainforest

Amazon forests and Brazil are both on the side of deforestation areas globally. It has the world’s vast biodiversity in its clutch. This rainforest is also the biggest forest hotspot around the globe. As it is the most extensive land with forest, it produces most of the oxygen and stores carbon. For this reason, the Amazon is called the “lungs” of our planet. The loss of forest part of this area started in the 1960s. Since then, almost 20% of the area (760 000 km2) has been lost. The requirement of things changes with time. Before the years 1980 to 1990, the reasons for deforestation were:


  • Building roads for communications
  • Dams to provide enough water and restrict water
  • Mines for collecting different types of precious metals
  • Farming and other things etc.


But if we look at the last 30 years, we will see that the reasons behind deforestation in the Amazon are changing gradually. People who are farming with their livestock need to feed them too. For this purpose, they produce things like soya. It is the cause of 70% to 80% of deforetation in Amazon only and which is a report by the FAO. The demand for meat from their animals is growing daily, mainly in developed countries. Its effect is falling on the Amazon rainforest and causing deforestation.

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Indonesia And Borneo, the Countries of Southeast Asia  

The countries of Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and Borneo Island are two very exemplary figures of deforestation worldwide. These two are the most significant places of biodiversity and forest in South Asia. But it is a matter of regret that these areas are the most affected by deforestation. So, the forest is facing the result of deforestation to increase the growth of palm oil. As a result, from 1990 to 2012, the lost area of forest in Indonesia was 9 million hectares, according to FAO. So, palm oil production is the primary reason for deforestation.

The experts are very much anxious about the future of these countries. Because the growth of palm oil will not stop instead, it will increase as the demand rises day by day. Some strict steps are taken under the pressure of many organizations like Greenpeace. The certificate of the palm oil business must show to the authority. In addition, there will be a label on the palm oil. The label will tell us about the source of oil collections, whether they have come from certified forests or not. Another function of the label is that it will also ensure the fair payment of the workers. Among the other countries, only Indonesia alone produces 35% of palm oil. But in the market, the rate of sustainable palm oil is still not more than 19%. Although the experts are showing their concern in this field, it is not enough to eradicate this problem.



Another region is Africa which is gravely suffering from the harmful effects of deforestation. Comparatively Asia, it is suffering much more from deforestation. The amount of vanished forest is 2 million hectares in a year in Africa. For Nigeria, more than 90% of the forest has disappeared. It started in the colonial era. The main reasons for deforestation In Africa were the woodcut from the woods, palm and cocoa tree growth, mining, preparation land for construction, etc.

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The Effect of Deforestation on Animals 

Humans and animals will be severely affected by the consequences of deforestation. Cutting down trees means removing the home of the animals. The crops collected from the forest, such as coffee, wood, palm, avocados, etc., have adverse effects on the environment of the forest and the ecosystem. According to statistics, every day, the earth loses around 200 species. You may hear about the animals already, which are a significant threat because of deforestation. From Malaysia, Indonesia, and Borneo, orangutans, elephants from Sumatra and Borneo, Indonesian tigers in Sumatra, etc., are on the verge of extinction. In addition, there are many amphibians, reptiles, and other vertebrates in Haiti, which are also in danger of deforestation.


Final Words

You can use the service from Tree Removal Murfreesboro TN in positive ways. To reduce the rate of deforestation, it is not possible to take steps and solve it in one day. People all over the world need to contribute to this case. If there is no forest or trees, how will humans and animals survive? It is a big question today when we are suffering from deforestation badly. Indeed, to make our existence risk-free, we can do this much!

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